HNS Operational

Introduction to Marine Hazardous & Noxious Substance (HNS) Response at Operational Level

Target Group

This course is designed for all managers or supervisors who will lead or supervise HNS spill response teams and those with support responsibilities within an incident command or emergency team. It is intended for all personnel involved in or governing the transport of HNS at sea.

Course Objectives

Delegates will gain an understanding of the international legislation governing the transportation of HNS at sea, the risks and threats posed by the loss of HNS, the behaviour of HNS when spilt, the health and safety issues of HNS response, the various spill response options and equipment available and the need for risk assessments and contingency planning.

Course outline

  • International legislation
  • How HNS is transported
  • Types of vessels involved in transporting HNS
  • The properties of HNS
  • The HNS classification systems
  • The fate and impact of HNS spills in the marine environment
  • Response options
  • Suitable equipment
  • Health & Safety
  • De-contamination
  • Waste handling and disposal
  • Case studies
  • Risk assessments
  • Contingency planning
  • Theoretical exercises

Course Duration

3 days

Validity -

Pre Course Requirement

There are no pre-course requirements.

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