IMO Level 2

IMO Level 2 / On Scene Commanders
Second Level of Response

Target Group

This course is designed for onsite coordinators who will lead or supervise oil spill response teams and those with support responsibilities within an incident command or emergency team.

Course Objectives

Delegates will gain an understanding of the safe and efficient response to oil spills, be able to undertake initial assessments of spill risk, initiate a response to an oil spill, identify priorities for protection, choose the correct response options, identify the limitations of response options and equipment and understand the needs of the media.

Course outline

  • Causes and fate of oil spills
  • Environmental issues
  • Contingency planning
  • Health and Safety
  • Oil spill management and response
  • Use of dispersants
  • Containment, recovery and protection
  • Shoreline clean-up
  • Waste handling
  • Terminating response
  • Post response operations
  • Media handling
  • Practical exercises and demonstrations
  • Theoretical exercises

Course Duration

4 days


3 years

Pre Course Requirement

Whilst not compulsory, participants are encouraged to undertake the IMO Level 1 Oil Spill Response Course before attending this course.

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