Pen Portraits of EPE’s Instructors

Dr. Vassilios Mamaloukas – Frangoulis (Oceanographer) is the Head of the Marine Environment Dept at Environmental Protection Engineering S.A., based in Piraeus with responsibility for the scientific aspects of the company. He was a researcher in the Institut Francais de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer (IFREMER) and has participated in numerous missions in Europe, America and Africa and oceanographic trips in the Atlantic and made scientific presentations in several international meetings and conferences. The services provided under his supervision include interventions in more than 500 marine pollution incidents. Since 1994 he has been a regular lecturer presenting the seminar ‘SOPEP and Marine Environment Protection’ in Helmepa’s Annual Refresher Updating Training Programs and in many courses that EPE has organized for onshore facilities and oil companies.

Eirini Mariaki (Environmentalist MSc) has two years experience in Waste Management Planning, Contingency Planning and Administration Supporting of Oil Pollution Incidents. She has worked out several Environmental Impact Assessments, Case Studies regarding Valuable Development of Environmental Protection and Renewable Energy Projects. She has been certified with IMO – Level 2 training.

Nikolaos P. Ventikos, Dr., is an Assistant Professor in the Laboratory for Maritime Transport of the Division of Ship Design and Maritime Transport at the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NA&ME) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece. He has a diploma from the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NA&ME) of NTUA and a PhD from NTUA in the scientific areas of ship generated oil pollution, risk analysis/assessment and marine safety. He expertise is in (oil) marine pollution and confrontation methods/techniques (incl. optimised solutions); marine safety; risk analysis/assessment; salvage engineering (i.e. search and rescue, oil removal from ships in distress, or wrecks and wreck removal); maritime security; human factor; port operations; ship recycling; ship generated waste management, data mining and statistical modelling. At NTUA he has participated in several major research projects in the areas of maritime transport, marine safety, marine salvage, environmental protection and relative antipollution operations and port operations. Dr Ventikos was awarded the G.P. Livanos Grand Prize on Environmental Issues sponsored by the Hellenic Nautical Chamber (2000) and his Ph.D. dissertation was nominee for the Environmental Award sponsored from the Union of Greek Shipowners (2002). Dr N.P. Ventikos is a member of the Hellenic Technical Chamber, the Hellenic Association of Naval Architects/ Engineers (in which he was recently elected member of the Board), the National Club of Certified Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, and the Society of Risk Analysis (SRA).

Stelios Volakis has been coordinating the Maritime Training Center of the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association – HELMEPA that develops and conducts annual, voluntary training programs for Greek Seafarers and shore based staff. He is in charge of monitoring the developments in the international arena relating to the prevention of ship-generated marine pollution, and of assisting the Association member vessels and companies to optimize their environmental performance. He is also involved in the development of shipboard contingency plans, technical bulletins, maritime publications and other material, focused on the basic safety, training and environmental requirements stemming from certain maritime conventions and codes as well as in the delivery of a number of lectures in the context of the abovementioned annual training programs.

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